Our School

Mission of Shemford

“To make learning creative, interesting, interactive and engaging, through a system which is constructive, comprehensive, practical and futuristic.”

We aim to realize our mission by:

  •  Offering a creative, caring, innovative, stress-free and harmonious learning environment for children.
  • Imparting quality education through opportunities to discover, explore & experiment with hands-on material.
  • Providing a lively curriculum which is practical in approach, innovative in methods, scholarly in content and global in scope.
  • Developing communication skills to enable the children to express their thoughts and feelings fluently & in a confident manner.
  • Creating opportunities for learning basic life skills such as self-dependency, critical thinking & decision making.
  • Preparing children for the global challenges while maintaining the rich Indian culture, morals and values.
  • Facilitating a culture of lifelong learning.

Our Objectives:

  •  To create a conductive and stimulating learning environment , where learning comes alive.
  •  To groom our children to become smart, self-confident & self –assured, by nurturing their habits of mind, so that they have ability to assess appropriately and are able to make their learning more self-regulated.
  • To inculcate reading habits in the formative years for sound language development and laying the foundation for understanding and expression.
  •  To adopt engaging and experiential teaching methods, where children are engrossed in the opportunities, tasks and processes. Thus, enabling them to pursue their areas of interests with a view to identifying their talents band maximizing their potential.
  •  TO make the classroom and school learning environment enriching and stimulating through the use of latest technologies in education.
  •  To encourage our children to engage in artistic and creative activities so that they take delight in creating new things and also appreciate the work of others.
  •  To develop life-long learning and career skills with the purpose of grooming children for life.
  • To ensure that all our children and their families are treated with respect, sensitivity and compassion.
  •  To provide opportunities for parent’s interaction and participation so that together we can contribute meaningfully in the overall development of our children.
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