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nu, hx, 8jk, b7r, 8g, y, 1, l, 84, Admission – Shemford barara

Our School

Welcome to Shemford

Since its founding more than a century ago, Shemford has been preparing high school students with an education for a lifetime.

History of Shemford

Ms. Meenal Arora is the founder Director of SHEMFORD Group of schools & Director of SHEMROCK Group of preschools –one of India’s leading education groups, which manages over 625 preschools & senior schools across India ,Nepal and Bangladesh . a thoroughbred education professional , researcher & academician ,She has demonstrated her commitment to innovation in school curriculum by being the primary force behind the development of the shemEduMAXtm system, which is implemented across all SHEMFORD & SHEMROCK schools and is based on the latest research findings and changing needs